kalepa ta kala (in English)

Around 1989, I started to study ancient Greek by myself but soon I found it difficult to master only with text itself. Among the excerise, there was sentence like: "kalepa ta kala".
Even though its word is simple, overall meaning did not make sense to me.

After 20 years now, I searched the meaning of "kalepa ta kala" through the internet.
It reads: good things (are) difficult to attain.

(Botany: Good picture is difficult to take, too.)
However I cound not find the good translation or explanation of Greek grammar.

original: kalepa ta kala
kalepa : difficult
ta :
the (definite article)
kala : beautiful
it reads
beautiful the difficult

Like Korean language, a noun or a pronoun can be used as subjective and an adjective as predicate, the verb "to be" being omitted in sentence. Other hint can be read following picture "READING" problem no. 2;

Kalepa ta kala: The beautiful things (are) difficult.

Greek Memo:
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